Thursday, October 1, 2009

NYC Trip Serendipity 3

Destination: Serendipity 3, NY
Upper East Side
225 E 60th St

Must Tries: The Famous Frozen Hot Chocolate!
Healthy Options: The restaurant serves lunch and dinner dishes. To be honest, I have only been here twice, and it was for dessert both times!
Price: Frozen Hot Chocolate $8.95, Forbidden Brownie Sundae $15
What to Expect: Large portions! This place serves some of the best desserts I have ever had. Usually a line so be prepared. The menu is a large piece of paper that has some sort of organization which is hard to understand at first.

My Experience: I first learned of Serendipity 3 from the Movie “Serendipity”, starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. The building looks to be an old living residence. It is decorated with random artifacts and nick-knacks. To put it in Texas terms, it was very Austin-ish! Once you fight the crowds and wiggle your way to a seat your faced with the biggest decision of the night, which dessert do you want?

The Frozen Hot Chocolate is served in a huge goblet and topped off with whipped cream. The Frozen Hot Chocolate itself has a consistency similar to a Wendy's frosty. It's got a great chocolate taste and can feed more than one person. The whipped cream is the perfect topping. I really like Serendipity 3's whipped cream because it’s not sweet as my taste buds would expect after a life time of consuming grocery store whipped cream. This lite, fluffy, and almost quiet whipped cream balances perfectly with the sweet frozen lava below.

The table favorite was the FORBIDDEN BROWNIE SUNDAE. The sundae consisted of a warm brownie, vanilla ice cream topped off with warm chocolate syrup and the fluffy whipped cream. It might of been the blending of all the sweet and not so sweet flavors that made this dessert a must order. 

This is definitely a splurge place. The desserts were great and I have yet to find a place that has the Frozen Hot Chocolate or the fluffy hypnotizing whip cream I found at Serendipity 3.  

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