Thursday, October 8, 2009

Greek Festival Houston, TX

Info: Houston Greek Festival

Must Tries: The beef Souvlaki, gyros, Never on Sundae!
Healthy Options: Plenty of grilled foods and diet drinks.
Price: $5 gets you into the festival grounds.
What to Expect: The Greek festival is a yearly event in Houston which celebrates a great culture and its food. Lines are usually long but well worth the wait. The festival also showcases Greek dancing, music and a gift shop.
My Experience: The 2009 Greek festival was my second visit to the annual Houston event. Due to the in-climate weather I was forced to make the best of the festival within a two hour window. The good news was the bad weather kept most people at home, so the lines were not long at all.

Food tents and covered seating areas are scattered throughout the festival grounds.

Gyros were 1/2 price during the last two hours of this year's festival.

The meat for the Gyros was being cooked and sliced on site.

The Gyro is served on a pita bread and topped with tomato, onions and a special Greek sauce. 

The most popular booth is the Beef Kabob booth known as Souvlaki.

The beef tenderloin is seasoned and marinated, then skewered with onions.

As I waited in line the beef smelled amazing. I was a little disappointed when I actually got to taste the meat. It was fresh and very tender but lacked flavor. The beef had a distinct Greek seasoning which gave it a olive taste. 

A year ago I was introduced to "Never on Sundae".

"Never on Sundae", is vanilla ice cream topped with baklava. Baklava is a rich dessert made of thin layers of flaky pastry filled with nuts and honey. The booth also has chocolate syrup and sprinkles to add to your sweet indulgence. Initially this dessert is too sweet. But after the ice cream softens up and the baklava is worked into the ice cream you will find this is a great dessert indeed. 

Wine can also be purchased on the grounds by the glass or bottle.  Because of the weather, this year’s Greek festival was short on visitors and food selection but not short on good food.

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