Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Breakfast in Houston: Breakfast Klub

Info: Breakfast Klub
3711 Travis St
Houston, TX 77002

Must Tries: Chicken and waffles! Coffee!
Healthy Options: The menu has egg and protein options.
Price: Around $10 a dish.
What to Expect: Annually rated as one of the best places to get breakfast in Houston the Breakfast Klub is a must try. Be warned these dishes will stick to your ribs. Come early! After 9:30am the line will be out the front door and you will have to wait while the early birds enjoy.

My Experience: The breakfast I ordered came with pancakes, eggs, meat, and a biscuit. I tried to curve my calorie splurge by sticking with ham but calorie curving is not easy with these delicious southern dishes.

The Klub is famous for its chicken and waffles breakfast! The chicken wings were flavorful and crunchy. Seasoned with a unique spice these wings were juicy and had a flavor of their own. The plate size waffle was fluffy and had good flavor. I wasn't wowed by the waffle but the elements of the waffle and the flavor and crunch of the wings made this dish a must try. Be sure to try a little warm syrup on you wings, you know the thought crossed you mind!

No camera tricks here! The pancakes are huge! The pancakes were fluffy and went great with the warm syrup available. Considered yourself warned these cakes are heavy!

A generous portion of ham, a simple serving of scrambled eggs, a biscuit and a good cup of coffee rounded up my Klub experience.

Get up early and bring an appetite.

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