Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peter Luger Steakhouse, NYC

Destination : Peter Luger Steak House
178 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Must Tries: Steak! Bacon appetizer!
Healthy Options: You could order a salad or vegetables but why would you at the House of Beef!
Price: Save up for this trip! Lunch for two, around 80.00. CASH ONLY
What to Expect: The moment you walk into Peter Luger’s you know this is not the typical steak house. The ambience is a simple, yet distinguished. Wooden tables fill a back room where I prepared to try what many claim is the best steak in the USA. The waiters are very friendly and helpful, so ask questions and enjoy.

My Experience: After countless endorsements from The Food Network, Travel Channel, and YELP, I journeyed to Peter Luger’s. Take the train and consider going during lunch, the crowd was smaller and burgers are on the lunch menu.

My lunch at Peter Luger's began with a bacon appetizer. Yes, bacon! But this wasn't any old bacon, this was thick cut bacon which was cooked to be crispy on the outside but delightfully salty and juicy on the inside. This Bacon Steak was a great start to the Peter Luger experience!

Peter Luger's Menu reads as follows: Steak for 1, Steak for 2 or Steak for 3.

My guest and I ordered the USDA PRIME BEEF Steak for 2. I could hear my Porterhouse sizzling as it made it ways through the kitchen doors to my table. The pre sliced Porterhouse covered the plate and the smell of steak filled the room, that's when I realized this was an experience of NYC that no tour or museum could give me.

The cuts of beef melted in my mouth. No need for a knife here. Steak sauce was provided, but not needed. The beef was slightly charred on the outside, yet tender and juicy on the inside! I suspect the seasoning was minimal because the flavor of the great quality beef was prevalent.

Before drifting into a Steak Coma on the subway back to Manhattan I took a moment to soak in the table. I will definitely be back.

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