Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dim Sum: Fung's Kitchen, Houston, Tx

Fung’s Kitchen
7320 SW Freeway (59)
Ste 115
Houston, TX 77074

Must Tries: Dim Sum!
Healthy Options: Several steamed vegetable and chicken dishes.
Price: Dim Sum prices vary from the amount of plates you choose.
What to Expect: Fung’s is very busy during Sunday Dim Sum. The building itself is huge and has many large round tables. As you walk take a minute to notice the wall of famous visitors which includes Former President George H. Bush, a crowd of current and former Houston Rocket players and overseas royalty.

My Experience: I have been waiting to try the weekend brunch experience known as DIM SUM! For those of you that have never had Dim Sum, it is similar to the Spanish concept of Tapas. You are served small plates of food which allow you to choose a variety of flavors and textures. It makes for a fun and flavorful eating experience. At Fung's Kitchen the wait staff pushes carts around the room which have small signs on the front signifying the Dim Sum items each hot cart carries. I suggest you come hungry and be adventurous! You never know what great flavors the next cart might bring!

As I approached the doors of Fung's Kitchen I told myself I would try everything I could! It was this type of mentality that allowed me to truly enjoy Dim Sum.

Carts filled with appetizers, sides, main dishes and dessert are pushed throughout the main ballroom. Servers might not speak much English, its best to read the cart signs and point at what attracts your attention. 

I was told Dim Sum began with a staple of 3-4 dishes. Here at Fung's the menu has grown to incorporate other dishes which are not solely Chinese. Most orders come in sets of 4. The website has a menu of all Dim Sum Items.

The steamed pork dumplings had great flavor and were very hearty. 

The shrimp dumplings were soft and a bit chewy.

One of my favorites was a steamed bun stuffed with bbq pork. The steamed bun was light and fluffy, the bbq pork was warm and had the distinct sweet Chinese barbeque taste.  

I indulged in an array of dishes ranging from shark fin dumplings, chicken feet, a rice patty, steamed custard buns, but the most intriguing was this noodle stuffed with shrimp dish. 

The egg custard tarts were lukewarm and had a strong egg taste. This was not one of my favorite selections.

I really enjoyed my first Dim Sum experience at Fung's Kitchen. As much as I ate, I know there are some dishes out there that I did not try, I look forward to my future Dim Sum adventures.


  1. Que Honda Es Bueno Houston!!!!
    Everytime I look up you are dining at some of Vietnamese finest, dim sum at Fungs, you should've given me a call! Cheers and thanks for sharing buddy.

  2. Oh wow..another favorite of mine. We went to this place when I was about 12 for Christmas dinner with my Dad. BEST DIM SUM IN TOWN!