Friday, September 25, 2009

NYC Trip: Di Fara Pizza Brooklyn

Destination: Di Fara Pizza
1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn NY 11230

Must Tries: Pizza!
Healthy Options: Just have the pizza! It’s an experience!
Price: Under $30 bucks for a large pizza, $5 a slice.
What to Expect: Take the subway to Brooklyn, the corner shop in about a block from the station. This place has a funny schedule so check the website and plan accordingly. On this day the shop was opening at 12 noon, I showed up at 11:15 am to find a line about (12) twelve people deep. The shop itself is tiny beware!

Expect a wait, Di Fara has only three oven slots and Dom DeMarco's, referred to as "Dom" makes every pizza himself!
*Locals ordered a whole pie and a slice. I soon found out that the slices come out quicker which will help during a two hour wait!

The space is tight and the wait is long, but every pizza is a show and camera flashes brighten every move that Dom makes.

Dom has a few helpers who collect the money and grate some fresh cheese every now and then. But he personally did all the work this morning. 

Dom often just adjusted the pizza with his bare hands.

Before the pie is handed to you, Dom personally tops it with freshly cut basil (which he cuts with a pair of scissors) and douses the pie with olive oil. 

Freshly cut basil

The final touch! Olive oil

Others in the shop said Dom known the locals by name! After my 1.5 hour wait my pie was ready and Dom asked to meet the purchaser of this pizza. I walked to the counter nervous and hungry by this time, he asked "Are you Will?" I answered in the affirmative. He then said, "Thank you, enjoy." 

I made my way to the table and saw this masterpiece of pizza which many argue is the best pie in all of America!

The flavor was out of this world! After the first bite, I realized the shame that was commercial pizza joints! I realized what I was missing all these years! I realized the journey and wait was worth it! The pizza was thin with a crispy crust. The sauce, cheese and fresh basil created this new yet comforting flavor. I am not sure what the purpose of the olive oil was but it gave the pizza a buttery effect when eaten. The olive oil did not make the pizza soggy at all.

Then and there I realized this was pizza!

To sum it up, I hope I get the chance to make it back to Di Fara. It was the best pizza I ever had!

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