Thursday, October 22, 2009

Houston Of Bowls Houston, TX

House of Bowls
6650 Corporate Dr
Houston, TX 77036

Must Tries: European Fried Rice, Salt & Pepper Wings, Mi Xao Don!!!
Healthy Options: Several steamed vegetable and chicken dishes.
Price: Great deal! Most dishes are under $10 bucks. Credit cards accepted.
What to Expect: House of Bowls is a great little place located in a shopping center right off of Bellaire in the heart of Houston’s Chinatown. The server’s don’t speak much English but the menu is self explanatory and I have yet to get a bad dish. Quick note: No free refills! I learned the hard way.

My Experience: I had to try House of Bowls after reading Houston Wok's review, ( This place did not disappoint! I recommend you do your research before going.

On my third trip to House of Bowls I finally ordered the Chicken Porridge. The porridge had a gelatin consistency and I was expecting more flavor. This would be a good "cold day" dish.

Every now and then you hear of an unusual dish that you must try, well at House of Bowls, the European Fried Rice was this dish for me! The rice is typical fried rice with ham, the twist comes when ketchup is added and it's topped off with a fried egg. This dish had a comforting fried rice flavor which blended perfectly with the sweetness from the ketchup making a solid choice.

The Tri-Shredded Meat Chow Mein was a combination of shrimp, chicken and beef. I have found that the clear gravy used on this dish is not as tasty as the brown gravy on the dish below.   

Based on Houston Wok's review I had to order the Mi Xao Don. This was a great dish which consisted of beef, vegetables and crispy noodles topped off with brown gravy. This dish had it all, great flavor, crunch from the noodles, heartiness from the beef and flavorful creamy gravy. 

I recommend you try House of Bowls and come hungry the portions are huge! 


  1. HEYYY!!!! thank you for the shout out! I am glad you enjoyed this place! Mi Xao Don is just one of those fun dishes, the tenderness from the beef and crunchiness from the noodles makes for a fun fusion while I eat. Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. @HoustonWok thanks for dropping in. It's such a great dish! I enjoy reading about your adventures.