Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breakfast in Houston: Harry's Restaurant

Info: Harry’s Restaurant
318 Tuam St
Houston, TX 77006

Must Tries: Pancake Omelet!
Healthy Options: The menu has egg and protein options.
Price: Under $8 a dish.
What to Expect: Harry’s Restaurant serves what they call Home Style American food with a Greek touch. I expected a cafeteria style experience but I read that lunch is served cafeteria style not breakfast. On this Saturday morning we were seated promptly and little did I know what the multiple page breakfast menu had in store for me.

My Experience: What impressed me most of Harry’s besides the food, was the diverse breakfast menu. Listed were omelets, migas, pancakes, waffles, the options spanned American, Latin and Mediterranean cultures. The menu has many safe “traditional” breakfast choices as well as several interesting options. I always have trouble decided whether to go with an omelet or stick to pancakes. As I skimmed the menu the Pancake Omelet caught my eye. What is a Pancake Omelet you ask? Think of an omelet stuffed within a rolled pancake! Yes, the best of both worlds!

Harry's Pancake Omelet is eggs, cheese and your meat of choice stuffed into a huge pancake!

The pancake was served hot, right off the flat top which gave it a slightly crispy exterior, just enough to hold this ultimate breakfast fusion together. The inside of the pancake was moist and soft, the eggs, ham and cheese stuffed within were a great combination.        

The more I ate the pancake omelet, I realized I enjoyed it so much because it reminded me of a fresh corn dog. This has all the potential to be a great hangover cure! I may be wrong, in summary the Pancake Omelet is a winner! When in Houston try Harry's.

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