Thursday, September 24, 2009

Burger Quest: Christian's Tailgate (aka Christian’s Totem)

Info: Christian’s Tailgate (aka Christian’s Totem)
7340 Washington Ave, Houston, 77007, 713-864-9744

Must Tries: Hamburgers!! Cheeseburgers!!
Healthy Options: Not many, just get the burger!
Price: Under $6 bucks.
What to Expect: Christian’s tailgate is an Ice House just north of I-10 which serves up cold beer and great burgers, what more is there to say?

My Experience: The never ending Burger debate in Houston always revolves around two or three small joints and Christian’s tailgate is always in the mix. Critically acclaimed the "Best Burger in Houston", I was up to the challenge. When you walk into this Ice House don't expect a waiter or fancy appetizers. Just walk up to the bar and select the burger of choice and decide whether to go with the fries or onions rings (or do as I did and get both) and enjoy a cold one from the many beers on tap.

The burger and side of choice comes in a basket. I tried my luck with the 1/2 pound burger. The huge 1/2 beef patty was not greasy but moist and tender. Well cooked with the perfect grilled taste the burger is prepared to your liking and served on a toasted bun. There was no special sauce or high-end toppings, just a good old fashion beefy burger. This was the Hole in the Wall Burger Joint I have been looking for. I had to use both hands when enjoying this masterpiece.
Though greasy, the onion rings and fries were a perfect match to a great burger and a cold Blue Moon.

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