Friday, September 25, 2009

NYC Trip: Nathan's Famous Coney Island

Destination: Nathan’s Famous, Coney Island, NY

Must Tries: Nathan’s Famous Hot dog!
Healthy Options: Next to the hot dog stand is a walk up grill. You can get chicken and burgers, but why would you come this far to hold back! The hot dogs are less than 300 calories.
Price: Under $6 bucks.
What to Expect: Take the subway to Coney Island, as you leave exit the station it will be across the street. There is ample outdoor seating under umbrellas.

My Experience: Countless years of watching the legendary Nathan’s 4th of July hot dog eating contest fueled my need to visit this hot dog shrine. The dogs and chili cheese fries where well worth the journey from Manhattan.

My mind was set on enjoying a hot dog but then I saw chili cheese fries on the menu board and thought to myself, "When in Rome!"

The hot dog casing had a perfect snap effect when bitten into. The bread was toasted slightly over a flat grill and was the perfect finishing touch to this perfect dog. I recommend you make it down to the board walk and try one for yourself. 

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