Friday, February 5, 2010

Pho Binh Trailer

Info: Pho Binh Trailer
10930 Beamer Rd
Houston, TX 77089

Must Tries: Pho, Pho Chicken Soup/Pho Ga!
Healthy Options: Choose from lean beef soup dishes.
Price: Under $6 for a large bowl.
What to Expect: Famed groundhog forecaster Punxsutawney Phil decaled 6 more weeks of winter which means 6 more weeks of PHO!!! If you decide to make the journey to the famous Pho Binh Trailer be sure to bring your appetite. The Pho Binh trailer offers generous portions of flavorful Pho.

My Experience: Reports of good Pho in Houston come from every part of town. My quest to find the best Pho in Houston led me down I-45 to the highly recommended Pho Binh Trailer. Come early, the good stuff sells out on most days.

Prices are pretty low and the menu is pretty easy to read!

For the sake of clarity, Pho Binh is not a trailer on wheels, but a double wide which is set on a foundation.

A generous plate of Pho condiments allow you to assemble the perfect winter blues cure.

Today I went with traditions beef Pho. Thin slices of raw beef are dropped into the scoring broth prior to be served. The Pho was good, not to salty or greasy. The beef was actually rare and not over cooked like other places. The broth had layers of flavor which made it unique, but today might have been an off day because it lacked the wow factor which I expected.

We also tried the Pho Ga/Chicken Soup. Thinly sliced chicken breast, chewy noodles and a flavorful broth made for a solid choice.  

The Pho Ga had hard boiled eggs in it which was a surprise.
This dish is a great twist on traditional chicken soup.

While I enjoyed the Pho here I could not conclusively make a ruling on the best place to get Pho in Houston. The quest continues, I leave you with what might be the best view offered by a Pho restaurant.

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  1. My best friend from childhood's mom owned the original Pho restaraunt in this same location in the early 80's. She is from vietnam and made it from scratch. Back then the only offerings was beef pho, egg rolls, and beef fried rice. The original trailer was a small single wide...2 tables with 4 chairs on the inside with a small bedroom in the back. Most business came from construction workers that used the walk up window. She was also my baby sitter so there were many days I would be up there with her. I remember her selling out most days having to turn people away...but it's because she insisted to make everything from scratch on her own and once she sold out that was it, it meant time to close up shop and go home to take care of family. I sure do miss that shack of a place!