Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Ly Oriental

Info: A Ly Oriental
11360 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77072

Must Tries: Peking duck! Nui Bo Luc Lac!
Healthy Options: Several steamed vegetable and chicken dishes.
Price: Great deal! A whole Peking duck with the fixings under $30.
What to Expect: A Ly Oriental is a great little place located in a shopping center right across from Hong Kong Supermarket off of Bellaire. The server’s don’t speak much English but the menu is easy to maneuver. If you have never had Peking duck, this is a must try.

My Experience: I had previously tasted the delicacy that is Peking duck at Arco, a fancier restaurant in Houston’s Chinatown during special occasion dinners. I guess it was the country boy in me that wanted to indulge myself in Peking duck, Man vs. Food style, without breaking the bank of course. So when I read Houston Wok's review of A LY Oriental a while back, ( I thought this might just be the place that I have been looking for. I did my research and heard of their affordable Peking duck platter. Let me warn you now! No person should eat or attempt to eat a whole Peking duck alone.

Assembling the Peking Duck Sandwich is lesson #1. Reverting to my culture the Peking duck is eaten just like a taco. So for the sake of explanation I will demonstrate how to assemble the Peking Duck Taco.

The Components:

                       Hoisin sauce                       

Julienned cucumbers and scallions

Crispy Peking Duck and Soft Steamed Buns

Open the bun and pile in duck, scallions, cucumbers and drizzle hoisin sauce.

All together this taco is soft, crunchy, salty, sweet and juicy. Yes such a complex creation from simple and fresh ingredients! The steamed bun is soft and serves as the box for this flavor gift. The duck has a slightly salty, golden brown crispy skin which melts with the juicy duck meat. The scallions and cucumbers are raw and add a crunch. The hoisin sauce has a sweet and almost Thai peanut sauce creaminess.

Based on the advice of Houston Wok I ordered the Nui Bo Luc Lac, which was a great choice. This dish is a safe dish for the non-adventurous. Garlic beef and stir fried macaroni (no cheese). Flavorful cubes of beef stir fried in onions and served with stir fried macaroni make a surprisingly fun dish.

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  1. Es Bueno que hondas buddy!!!!Sorry for the late response but happy new year to you! I'll comprise a list of things for you to try for Chinese/Vietnamese New Year,bear with me for a few. Trying to get everything together.