Friday, January 8, 2010

Sweet Finds: Chez Beignets Chinatown

Info: Chez Beignets
10623 Bellaire Blvd Houston, TX 77072

Must Tries: Beignets!!
Healthy Options: Dessert splurge, again!
Price: Around $5 for a basket of 3
What to Expect: Located in New Chinatown off to the corner in a shopping center you will find Chez Beignets. Often reviewed to be conquerable to New Orleans Famous CafĂ© Du Monde, I had to try Chez Beignets. The building has a quaint coffee shop vibe to it but don’t let that fool you, the main attraction is the beignets!

My Experience: The Beignets were awesome! Come try this warm pastry snowed with power sugar.

The beignets are hot! You have been warned! Once they cool, these beignets are fluffy inside with an outer crunch, very much like a donut or funnel cake. But this was not donut or funnel cake! The power sugar added just a hint of sweetness to the top of this hot pocket of sweetness. I can't wait to try the incumbent, Cafe Du Monde.

I ordered a chocolate stuffed beignet to try it out. The cooler filling did cool the hot outer layer of the beignet but I think I will stick to the original.

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