Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NYC Trip: Levain Bakery

Destination: Levine Bakery Manhattan, NY
167 W 74th St
New York, NY 10023
(212) 874-6080

Must Tries: 6oz. Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies!
Healthy Options: The cookies were designed by Tri-athletes.
Price: $3.75 a cookie.
What to Expect: A small bakery located on the basement level of an apartment building. It is a pretty much to go establishment baking the best cookies!

My Experience: I learned of Levine Bakery from the 4th Season of Bobby Flay’s Throwdown! The bakers of Levine beat Bobby Flay with their chocolate chip walnut cookies! The story goes back to 1994 as these two founders were training for an Ironman. They set out to create the perfect cookie which would help them meet their calorie needs and sweet cravings.

I showed up around 9am and the cookies were just coming out of the oven! The cookie was moist and chewy with the perfect composition of melting chocolate chips and walnuts.

Now this is not your normal cookie. At 6oz this cookie it's huge!
The size of the cookie allows it to have a crunchy exterior which still having a warm and soft interior.

The cookies are very dense and filling, beware!

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