Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NYC Trip: Fried Dumpling

Destination: Fried Dumplings, Manhattan (Chinatown), NY
106 Mosco St
New York, NY 10013-4321

Must Tries: Fried Dumplings!
Healthy Options: You made it this far, just enjoy!
Price: 5 dumplings for a $1!!!
What to Expect: Fried Dumpling is a small hole in the wall on a alley street in New York’s Chinatown area. The space is small and crammed but the flavor and price cannot be beat.

My Experience: I learned of the Fried Dumpling by reading a excerpt in the New York Times which listed local NYC chef’s favorite Cheap Eat locations. Two chef’s listed Fried Dumplings as their low price getaway.

With a dollar in hand I decided to give Fried Dumpling a try.
The menu was simple, dumplings! That's all!

Dumplings were being made by hand behind the counter.

This small operation was run by two people.

Most visitors took their orders to go.  

The handmade process looked tedious, the dumplings were stacked upon each other and cooked to order.

The final product was hot and juicy dumplings. The skin was thicker than most dumplings I have had at Houston establishments. It was the perfect cheap snack while making out way on foot through Manhattan.

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