Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Froberg's Farm, Alvin, TX

Destination : Froberg's Farm
11875 County Road 190
Alvin, TX 77511-1333
(281) 585-3531

Must Tries: Fresh produce, roasted peanuts, pies, fried pies!
Healthy Options: Plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits and sugar free pies available!
Price: Fried pie turnovers $1.75, Roasted Peanuts $2.00.
What to Expect: With the fall weather upon us driving out to Froberg’s Farm near Alvin, TX is a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Shop for fresh produce which is literally twenty feet from the vine! When asking the locals for a great place to get an afternoon snack all hands pointed to Froberg’s fried pies.

My Experience: I found myself in need of a getaway this weekend, so I headed 288 South to the county. I enjoy these unplanned escapes because they usually lead to some new discoveries. As you walk into Froberg's you are greeted with wooden counters stacked with fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. While the selection was good, I usually save my produce shopping for Canino's Market off airline. I made my way to the back wall of this produce barn and found the snack bar. 

 I usually shell a bag of peanuts for 9 innings at my Astro's game appearances. So at half the price and heated!! I could not turn down a bag.

So what's the real big difference from Hot Roasted to Roasted?
Well for the first five minutes the top peanuts were warm, after that it was all the same. The plain non-salted peanuts were still worth the $2 tag.

Also on the back wall I discovered the "PIE CATALOG". The fried pies are wrapped in a wax paper sleeve and sorted by the various flavors similar to a library card system. 

The pies are kept under a heat lamp to ensure the filling is still warm and gooey.

The flavors seemed to be arranged in no particular order. Most patrons had their favorites and several customers scooped up the last of some flavors before I could read the whole catalog! 

I decided the Apple-Raisin pie would be my snack of choice.

The Pie itself was constructed much like an "empanada".
A crispy dough filled with a warm and soft fruit filling.

The Apple-Raisin was a good choice. The filling was very similar to a bread pudding texture, warm and sweet with the familiar flavor of homemade apple pie filling mixed with warm raisins.

The encore selection was a great Peach-Cream pie. Much smoother in texture the Peach-Cream pie was filled with the delicious and very rich combination of peach and cream.

Looking to get out and breathe some fresh air?
Froberg's farm is a good choice, es bueno!

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