Thursday, September 24, 2009

Darband Shish Kabob

Darband Shish Kabob
5670 Hillcroft
Houston, TX 77036

Must Tries: Any of the kabobs, flat bread, hot tea.
Healthy Options: Grilled chicken and vegetable kabobs, hummus.
Price: Under $10 bucks.
What to Expect: Darband’s is a very casual place. Walk up to the counter and order from the picture menu, all dishes are served on styrofoam plates but the food and the low price can’t be beat.

My Experience: I have been a customer of Darband’s for several years now, my younger sister introduced me to this hidden gem a while back. The price and casual atmosphere have been a great place to get away and enjoy some fresh Iranian food. The specialty here is kabobs! You can choose between chicken, lamb, beef, or ground beef. The menu can be confusing but the pictures do help. The service is quick so listen out for your number to be called. 

The flatbread is baked fresh and served hot.

The hummus was good but I must say it was not a strong point.
Each dish is served with rice, charbroiled onion and tomato, fresh basil, parsley, and radishes.

Stick around after your meal for a complinmentary pot of hot tea!

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  1. i was working there. and yes is very delicious. when i have time i go to eat. the food is good. i know the recipies.for everything. they show me how cook the food