Sunday, July 5, 2009

Review #1: Rudy & Paco's, Galveston, Texas

Rudy & Paco's Resturant and Bar
2028 Postofffice St (Postoffice at 21st St)
Galveston, TX 77550
(409) 762-3696

MUST TRIES: Cerviche, Empanadas, Roasted Poblano Soup, El Simpatico, and Bread Pudding.
HEALTHY OPTIONS: Grilled fish and shrimp dishes, steamed vegetable sides.
WHAT TO EXPECT: Good food, good wine selection and a "Welcome Home Atmosphere!"

SUMMARY: Our adventure together beings in Galveston, Texas, at Rudy & Paco’s Restaurant and Bar. On the corner of Post office and 21st street this place is one of my Galveston favorites. Owner Paco Vargas has a personality fit for the food network, his loud “Welcome Home, Baby,” is an invitation to comforting empanadas, generous steaks and warm bread pudding.

On this visit I had to start off with the Cerviche. I discovered it a while back and it has been a must order. The Seafood Cerviche has fresh seafood topped with a tangy lime juice.

Rudy and Paco's has a large selection of wines and liquors. If you become a regular you can put your name on a waiting list to have your own personal wine locker on site.
I suggest you try the House Special THE SIMPATICO. The dish consists of a fresh Gulf Red Snapper which is Plantain Encrusted, pan sautéed and served with a raspberry chipotle sauce and fresh crab meat. It's worth every penny! The plantain crust was crunchy and lite. The raspberry chipotle sauce blended well with the saltyness from the plantains.

Hurricane Ike might of shut down Rudy & Paco's for a while but Welcome Back! When your in Galveston this place is a must try. Shorts are allowed during lunch hours only.

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