Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trip to Canino's Produce/Airline Farmers Market

Canino's Produce/Airline Farmers Market
2520 Airline
Houston, Texas

Must Tries: Ask the watermelon vendors for a sample.
Healthy Options: Buy all that you can carry.
Price: Some of the best prices on fresh vegetables and fruits in all of Houston. Cash only.
What to Expect: Many vendors! I find the vendors furthest away from the entrance give the best deals.

My Experience: As much as I enjoy the other farmers markets in Houston I wanted to find a place to get the basic daily fruits and vegetables. I grew up an HEB customer, but when I have an extra hour on the weekends this is the place to get onions, green peppers, chili peppers, squash, melons, mangos and almost any other fruit or vegetable you may need. I hear many local chef's shop here and I understand why! I have sensory overload every time I walk the isles.

Bring a reusable produce sack to help carry your load.
Find that new recipe you have wanted to try and get all you need.
It's best to shop around and see what’s in season.
I prefer to purchase from vendors who have small bundles already set out which are $1. These below were priced at $2 a bundle.
Be sure to ask the vendors for samples!
If you’re purchasing more than one be sure to negotiate!
One vendor recommended I come at 8am to catch the best products.

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