Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sweet Finds: Pacuigo Italian Gelato Caffe

Info: Pacuigo Italian Gelato Caffe
5172 Buffalo Speedway
Houston, TX 7700

Must Tries: Gelato, Affogato al Cioccolata!
Healthy Options: Several low cal gelatos, nutritional handouts available at counter.
Price: Small gelato $3.50, Affogato al Caffe around $6.
What to Expect: Paciugo serves up some of the tastiest gelato in town. This Gelato Shoppe is located in a shopping center across from the Buffalo Speedway HEB.

My Experience: I had previously enjoyed the gelato at Paciugo, they have an array of favors to choose from. Some of my past favorites have been Panna Cota (wedding cake), Hazelnut, Tiramisu, and Mint Chocolate. I suggest you try them all! Samples are given at the counter, just ask!

During this winter season gelato is not usually on my mind, but I heard of a warm creamy concoction that Pacuigo was serving up. Pacuigo calls it, "Affogato al Cioccolata."

Affogato al Cioccolata, is made up of Italian style hot chocolate poured over two scoops of gelato (your flavor of choice) and topped with whipped cream.

The hot chocolate slowly melts the gelato and they both mesh to create a warm cup of creamy winter delight. Considered yourself warned, this is not your normal hot chocolate.

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